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Email Marketing Benefits
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Email marketing is still being under-utilised or incorrectly executed by many businesses across the globe. Some businesses may not immediately understand the benefit of the medium – but here are 5 key reasons why email marketing is a vital marketing tool that you need in your marketing plan and budget.
Why you need email in your marketing plan and budget
Email marketing can solve the inherent issue of other non-targeted marketing activities. Businesses can use the platform to send tailored messages at the right time to the right segmented audience who have signed up to receive such communications. Email campaigns can be segmented based on their lead status, demographics, location or any other attributes. This often results in much higher conversion rates as businesses are only targeting those who have an interest in their communications and brand
1. Targeted Communications
Every email campaign delivered exposes your brand to your target prospects, so with appropriate strategic planning, smart design, compelling content and efficient segmentation your campaigns will consistently add value. Campaigns will boost brand awareness and recall with your audience, so your business has a much better chance of turning prospects into conversions and then into loyal brand advocates.

Email marketing is easy to share, with the simple click of the forward button, your prospects can share your value proposition. Propsects who share your emails are acting as brand evangelists gaining your business more exposure and credibility. There aren’t many other forms of marketing activity that can be shared as easily. In addition your email subscribers have explicitly stated they want to hear about your offers and services, so are receptive and open to these communications.

2. Brand Awareness
3. Brand Diffusion
4. Measurability

Analytics are invaluable to measuring the success of any emailer campaign. As with most digital marketing activity, is that you can immediately see areas for refinement and improvements in your email campaigns. The vast majority of emailer campaign software allows you to track key metrics such as open, click-through and conversion rates, making it simple to spot how a campaign can be enhanced. Start using your email campaign software as a tool to monitor which information your prospects are most responsive to and then you can tailor your brand communication strategies to more relevant topics of interest.
5. Return on Investment
The most appealing advantage of email marketing is Return on Investment (RoI). Email is now widely considered the most effective marketing activity to drive ROi, with professional associations estimated for every £1 spent, an average return on investment of £42 is expected. Email marketing is cost effective, in that there are no print, postage, or advertising fees.