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Why you might need Marketing support
Without effective marketing support you are missing out on opportunities to reach your full potential both in terms of growth and profitability.

Vivid Sparks can provide highly cost-effective ways to achieve return on investment by supporting ambitious growth plans, reversing declining or stagnant sales and profitability, reinventing and repositioning within a changing market, penetrating new untapped domestic and international markets, refocusing marketing, reducing wastage and providing external support that compliments internal functions.
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A range of Marketing support solutions
Vivid Sparks marketing audits that will identify marketing opportunities and improve upon return on investment.
Bespoke marketing strategies that will extract all the information needed to create an effective marketing plan.
Support in the development, implementation and monitoring of any integrated marketing campaigns.
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Digital marketing solutions using on-page and off-page SEO, adwords, display, remarketing and social media.
Insight and analytics that enables you to generate more revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiency
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PR media management and event management support that grows your brand and reputation.
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Vivid Sparks is a strategic full service marketing and management consultancy that enables businesses to generate more leads and revenue by ensuring your marketing activity and spend is targeted effectively, at the right time, in the right medium and with an appropriate engaging message.

Vivid Sparks can help you to improve lead generation, optimise sales conversions, improve profitability, increase return on investment on marketing activity and spend and improved marketing operational efficiency.
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A framework for development of your marketing export plan
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